Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Idol Death Star returns, Renewals, Expansion

To No Ones Surprise FOX wins the night with the return of American Karaoke.

Several shows get renewed.

From NBC its the freshmen drama 'Heroes' along with three veteran shows. 'My Name Is Earl' 'The Office,' and 'Law & Order: SVU.' Heroes will have 23 total episode for its first season

Story on NBC's renewals from

Also from CBS renews Survivor for two more seasons...remember two different contests mean two different seasons. Don't worry expect CBS to renew all three CSI's, 'NCIS,' 'Two and a Half Men,' etc etc etc.

If your a TV station that picked up Rachel Ray last fall...Good For You...If not I am sure your kicking yourself, she gets two more years.

Is NBC pushing it or is Tabby's Magic on 'Passions' wearing thin??? Today Show is going to go FOUR hours and the affilates don't have to go for it. Maybe if you drop Passions maybe they will. In any case Don will not watch cause its leftys haven. Dennis the Menace is working overtime to make sure his pals get their media monopoly back.


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