Sunday, March 11, 2007

The Blog according to Don (McCullen) to Jeff Short

I shall make it short and to the point.

About 11 years ago I became quanited with a man by the name of Jeff Short.

He invited a high profile guest to speak at his church and while it did not draw a big crowd it still would led to a friendship this pastor. This high profile person for sure caught my attention and I came.

Allthough his attempt to start a church in Colorado Springs failed he still continued in the minstry.

He moved away but some how we lost touch with each other. I was thinking about him lately and would like to touch base with me.

I found a E-Mail and I am hoping that its him, and I did send an E-Mail before writing this post on my blog.

So Jeff Short former pastor of South Springs Community Church in Colorado Springs. If you come across this blog, please respond to me.

I would to hear from you again.


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