Wednesday, December 22, 2004

Morning News & Commentary

U.S. Launches Probe of Mess Tent Attack

Blair Pushes for New Mideast Peace Moves

Abbas Sees Israel Talks After Palestinian Vote

US Military Says It's Building Bases for Afghan Army

Will the Dems get the Governship in Washington State??? Looks like its a yes.

Bush Social Security Plan May Face Hard Sell

Bush snuggles illegal aliens. Give them blankets yes, but work on sending them back please.

Looks like we got some illegals part of 'Gangs'

50 illegals arrested on labor buses

America is NOT required to defend Taiwan??? That may be correct, and the mainland could stake its claim.

Regulations stifle new school creation. Red Tape = High cost for private education. Score one for Government Schools.

Protest, Prostest, Prostest. Bush Inauguration is going to have them 3X over


M**** C********: Kathleen Parker has this piece

Michelle Malkin talks about Christians in the crossfire here and abroad

Ben Shapiro talks about Jimmy Carter a bit and presents an award to a left wing Lunatic in Carter's name

Walter Williams talks about the National Sales Tax, and why it may never become realilty. He is for tax reform no doubt, just being real.

Debra Saunders tells us why Bush stands by and defends Rummy

Tony Blankley talks about Rummy's logic

Rummy speaks for himself in this piece from USA Today

Hugh Hewitt talks about us bloggers and the impact we made this year. Look for a book from Hewitt about the bloggers soon.

Joseph Farah talks about the end of childhood, and says since certain people are oversensitive about relgious things even if it in great art in the Government schools, don't be surprised that kids become rebellous and listen to Hip-Hop and get sexually active. Farah also has some very nasty and well deserved words for the ACLU and National Education Assocation

Token lefty piece this time around from Robert Scheer who says if is not broke don't fix it. What is not broke??? Social Securty.

Holiday Lyric Line

I will do two this time around since "its cold outside" were I live

Woman: My mother will start 2 worry!
Man: Beautiful wahts ur hurry?
Woman: and father will be paceing with feiry
Man: Listen 2 tha fireplace roar
Woman: So really i better scurry!
Man: Beautiful please hurry
Yep "Baby It's Cold Outside"Bing Crosby and Doris Day made this one popular. Rod Stewart and Dolly Parton also do the good song since Stewart has done three projects devoided to the standards of yesteryear.

Speaking of Dolly Parton here is a lyric line from a song she did with Kenny Rogers and its a holiday song and NOT "Islands In the Stream."

And you've made this a Christmas to remember
Springtime feelin's in the middle of December
Change the radio and I'll turn the lights down dimmer
Oh oh what a Christmas to remember
Their are several chorus/refrains in "Christmas to Remember" but I picked this one because it mechions the word and device known as radio and man how much I love radio.

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