Saturday, October 01, 2005

Elian Gonzalez: Five Years Later

As you recall Elian Gonzalez was a Cuban refuge not nesscary by choice. His mother wanted to leave Fidel Castro's Socialist Paradise but died in the process. Elian however survived.

Their was family in Miami which included Elian's aunt Angela, but Elian's father who was loyal to Castro wanted Elian returned to his custody. With the help of Janet Reno who is not afraid to use milltary force for her own gain Elian was taken from the relatives, given over to his father (AND Castro) and was returned to Cuba.

Today Elian is 11 years, and has graduated from Cuba's brand of Elementary School. This week on CBS's 60 Minutes, there will be an interview with Elian. The interview was done by Bob Simon...whoever this riff-raff is. CBS News is best known of several activist journalists (Murrow, Cronkite, and Rather).

We already know what would happen to Elian. It should be no surprise to anyone when he says that Castro is his father and friend. It should also be no surprise that Elian believes that what his mother did was wrong regarding her rebellion toward the mother land of Cuba. Elian said that he always wanted to go back to Cuba.

I find that hard to believe. Most if not all of the children in Cuba are truly indoctrinated into the cult of Communism, and Castro himself makes sure of this. They are told if they prayed to Castro and I do mean PRAY; they are rewarded by these propagandists and did give them Ice Cream, candy or whatever. They really truly did this kind of brainwashing with the kids.

Don't be suprised if Elian was given physical beatings to cast out all the great things about America. We can't prove that but I degress.

Ramon Sanchez who is a Cuban-American led demonstrations in Miami supporting Elian stay in America. He said; "When you see a child talking the same way that the dictator has talked for 46 years, you know he has been indoctrinated." Father Castro must be very proud of his once prodigal son.

Angela still loves her nephew, but I am afraid that if the Communist Goverment of Cuba remains in place after Castro's death, Elian is very likely to become a threat to lovers of freedom. I have a feeling that he will be groomed to become part of the regime, and I do mean the inner circle or very close to it.

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