Saturday, October 22, 2005

Poor ole Darth Fargo

His Democrat propaganda can't not be heard on Armed Forces Radio.

If I know more about this from the right side of the story I might have something to say.

For now the Dems and the followers of the the Sith Lord of Socialist Talk radio. If AAR dies this guy will still be around likely.

Dems calls for AFN to put Darth Fargo on AFN. Guess who that includes??? Teddy the Red Nose drunk.

General Weasel Clark has setup an E-mail letter so that Congress can be conviced to clear Darth Fargo on AFN. Fair Play you know.

Just wait until the Fairness Doctrine comes back. Rush will be kicked off the air and then Darth Fargo will become "America's Anchorman" Ed-ucated us into the grand vision of the Social Democrats.

NOTE: I do want to see "Progressive Talk" do well. At least they can't really pitch a fit of not being heard.

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