Tuesday, November 01, 2005

The Battle for the Court Begins

With a man like Samuel Alito who may sit on our court replacing Sandra Day O'Connor. The left is afraid that the one place in which the "progressive" agenda can be carried out will finally be put to an end. That would be our Supreme Court.

Can the left put up a good case to make sure that Alito does not get confirmed? Never mind they will fillbuster until their demands are meet. If they do win and should the Dems get the majorty and should Hillary become President, will the Dems call for a nuke option just to make sure their favorate judges sit on the court?

Don't be surprised if they do just that. The left is nothing but polticial gangsters, and they have been for quite sometime.

It is time to for the Supreme Court to go back to its intent of what the Constitution says originally rather than a judge's spin on it.

Oh and your supporters of abortion...Neal Boortz says don't panic, abortion shall remain legal, but Roe Vs. Wade being overturned will turn the issue back to the states.


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