Sunday, October 23, 2005

The 2005-2006 Season so far

The Alien Shows

Out of the three alien TV shows (Surface, Threshold, Invasion) it is Invasion that is on the top. NBC's Surface in spite of a "sinking" prediction is getting around a ten share week after week. Threshold on CBS is not doing too shabby but the shows its sandwitched inbetween Ghost Whisperer and Numb3rs happen to do better. I don't know what people see in Surface. I just can't get into that one, and I think Threshold is well written show of the bunch. However Invasion has the best of what both Surface and Threshold have to offer.


Like Threshold "How I Met Your Mother" on CBS is hemorrhaging little by little in the ratings. Can this extended tale about this guy meeting his wife hold our attention before his kids lose intrest? If that is so then we shall never nor care to know how he meet her. However the other CBS comedy "Out of Practice" that is new on the block has stablised. NBC's "My Name is Earl" overcame NBC's shortcommings and gain impresive ratings especially among young demos. However the Americanzed Office has not been able to hold Earl's viewers, and maybe it would be best for that show to take a hint from the Birtish counterpart and quit while you can...meaning don't plan on running it to ground cause it may not have that chance. If NBC dares to renew Joey for a third year and I think they will do even worse without Will & Grace to help. The later still pulls in some decent numbers.

I will speak about Wednesday's sitcoms around the end of the November sweeps. That would consist of CBS's Still Standing and Yes Dear, ABC's George Lopez and Freddie, and FOX's That 70's Show and Stacked.

UPN Loves Chris (Rock)

Yea the title says he is hated, but its pulling more than the adverage numbers for the Netlet and that is a good thing for them. Expect more misadvantures of Chris Rock's childhood for years to come.

West Wing OUT Commander In Chief IN

Just as I predicted Commander In Chief would attract The West Wing crowd and then some. When I said that it might best for this show to fade away, I really ment that. Their is several Clintonites behind the scenes regarding this show including the Hamburgler (Sandy Berger) and Steve Cohen (Once a Communcations Director for Hillary Clinton). Also Geena Davis as President Mackenzie Allen makes many refererences to the modern day Lady MacBeth (Hillary Clinton). If she does get elected the creator of Commander In Chief says he will take credit. Don't expect much change in the show with Stephen Bochco (Hill Street Blues, NYPD Blue) now in charge. Chief has been gaining while Wing has taken a hit after being moved to Sunday nights. Is it time to get their new Pez elected and move on? I think so, and everybody allready has it seems. Now its Genna Davis instead of Martin Sheen. No difference in my book however. Both hollywood lefties.

Sophomores Stay Strong

ABC's sunday night lineup of scripted TV has held on very well (Desperate Housewives, Gray's Anatomy), and viewers are still intrested in the "Lost" castaways and the serects of that island. No big slump for these shows.

Gettting The Ax Quick

It seems that the viewers found Head Cases and Inconceivable not to be a must watch and some that shound not have been given a chance at all. FOX and and NBC reacted as such.

Bones and Prison Break

Both Freshman shows got the green light for a full season by FOX, but also will be a problem very soon...Hello...American Idol...24 you know???

Well November Sweeps are on their way, and I shall talk more near or after the end of the sweeps.


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