Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Lady MacBeth wants to raise taxes on Gas to pay for Alternative Energy

I was just listening to Liddy & Hill online (and just recently got syndcated by Jones Radio Networks), and they have reported that Lady MacBeth (Hillary Clinton) has come up with a energy plan to help us move to towards cleaner sources of energy.

There is a price to this and that means in a nutshell More Taxes and Redistribution of the Wealth.

This is typical of the Democrats and their friends in the media regarding their hatred of the oil industry. They can't understand why they do the things they do when it comes to the gas prices, and by the way many of the regulations that was imposed by our goverment since the early 1980's. We have not built anyone new refineries since that time and thanks to the recent storms in which affect the current refineries we had to cough up more money for our gas.

Why does the left hate the oil business? In a nutshell it comes to the overall agenda of the Dems and their attitude towards the American people. They overall don't seem them as persons but rather a collective group (ala The Borg, Bees whatever you see as a collective). If the left can control the energy industry, then they control the American's citizens.

Make no mistake Lady MacBeth is a smart lady and that makes her a threat to those who believe in limited goverment, Individual Freedom AND Individual Liberty. We must do what we can to make people aware of Hillary's ambition and how she will take this country.

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