Wednesday, November 09, 2005

The Propsals in Cally Are Voted Down

Well the Democrats can still use the working stiff to acheve their socialist goals. In due time Meathead might become the new gov of Cally. As far I am concerned Cally can go into the sea.
Story from AP/Newsmax

The Results Themselves

Other Things

In San Franfreako (as Michael Savage like to call the city), the gun grabbers have gained a victory. Not only them but the crooks to have no regard for the law.
Story from AP/Newsmax

Their is some good news. In Ohio several reforms that were backed by Limo Lefty and support by Darth Fargo himself (cause it would benfit the Democrats) have been voted down.
Story from Newsmax

Some good news in Cally too. San Diego will not have a socialist as mayor for Donna "Surfer Girl" Frye was defeated by Jerry Sanders. The vote is 54% (Sanders) to 46% (Frye).

Pandering to to the people lack of information and facts, and thoughts on some of the state elections from The Talkmaster Neal Boortz

One of those thoughts is This story from Forbes


Anonymous Anonymous said...
I know what I like and I like it, have a laugh on me.

11:03 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Interesting that you don't comment on Kaine's victory in Red Virginia.



6:25 PM

Blogger Don McCullen said...

I don't need to say anything Jaxebad since Neal said it for me.

Red Virginia well Democrat replaced Democrat

9:27 PM


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