Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Merry Christmas or Happy Holiday

OK when I do the Holiday Lyric line, my intent is not to be PC, but I will do a Hanukkah song if only someone can send some to me or I find a website that is devoted to that. Until then Adam Sandler speaks for all of you in this department and all three of his Haunkkah songs.

However their is a lot of PC greatings and maybe Don Wildmon and the American Family Assocation have a point regarding the boycott of Target and their PC Greatings. However if Target wants to embrace "diversity" so be it. They are a private company and only if the money stops talking then maybe JUST maybe they will be nicer to the Christians and say MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!

Happy Holidays and Season Greattings are old hats. At one time they were used a lot and Merry Christmas was also used a lot too in the mix. I think the real problem is that their are certain people who were successful in telling people about their hertiage and but at same time they made them feel unconfortable about other people and their hertiage. The left was successful in telling minority groups such as the Jews, Blacks, that their holidays were not getting respect and that if somepeople say Merry Christmas, you must take a stand aganist for the majority's in insensitivity so this ideal that everyone celebrates Christmas (which is not true). This only compled the left to begin their attack on the Christmas Holiday since its the what the majority of people celebrate.

Read this article from Jan Brazill. Its a classic example of how the left supports this junk

Now I don't have a problem with Haunkkah nor the Winter Soltice either. In fact its commonly known that the Birth of Jesus Christ was in the Spring and not in the Winter. Its just that the Church thought it was great time to focus on the birth of Christ around the Winter Soltice, and so we do. Now Brazill brings up a Holiday that is holiday for the African Americans called Kwanza. This holiday is a fake holiday. Kwanza at its core is racist and MARXIST. The latter however helps people like Brazill forward their cause. Too many freethinkers and humanists have embraced Marxism/Socialist/Communist ideals.

Getting back to the subject at hand these minorites need to get over this PC Greatings and get a think skin. You know its amazing that the Government Schools are making Christmas songs illegal but they can sing Kwanza and Haunkkah songs. WOW, they are really sticking it to the majortity and raising the minority. Their is a time when the minortity needs to speak for the majority such as the minority who helped drive out the British troops in the attempt to found this country. When it comes to the holidays however this is not a time for the minority to be accomdated.

You know if they are going to ban Christmas songs, they should ban the Kwanza and Haunkkah songs too. One can hope that will happen. But I'll be the first to tell you, you have lost a lot of great art from the many Christmas songs. Heck some of these pop musicans sing them with no problem and they likely don't go to Church or whatever.

Did you know that Irving Berlin was Jewish??? Yes the man that gave us the standard "White Christmas." Should he have written "White Haunkkah" with every "Haunkkah Card" I write. I bet you their are some Jews today who think that Berlin should have done it.

Don't be afraid to say Merry Christmas if that is what you want to say. If the person get offended then so be it. If any one is the bigot its the latter. Wish them a Happy Haunkkah or a happy Soltice, or even Christmkah which combines Christmas and Haunkkah.

I shall close with the Holiday Greatting that is done in Britian. I like it the best.

Happy Christmas from the Blog According to Don.

I do want some great Haunkkah songs. E-Mail them to me. donmccullen@prodigy.net

P.S. Here is a great piece by Bill Murchison related to this post.

Someday in the future should the left get into power.


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