Monday, December 05, 2005

TV's Midseason New Commers

Four Kings: A sitcom about four boyhood friends who live in a apartment in New York. Since its from the creators of "Will & Grace" which had a good run on the Peacock, they think this show will do the same. We shall see. This show kicks off the Thursday night lineup beginning January 5.

The Book of Daniel: Fridays at 9/10 beginning January. This show is about a Episcopalian priest who takes painkillers and talks with Jesus. This one will not last

In Justice Fridays 9/8 beginning January 6. A team of lawyers tries to overturn wrongful convictions. Is this good enough to give "Close to Home" on CBS a run for the money. I don't think so, but we shall see.

Emily's Reasons Why Not: Mondays 8/9 beginning January 9. Heather Graham plays a successful publisher who looking for love but in a "organized" way. No more football for ABC you need some good shows now on Monday.

Crumbs: 8:30/9:30 Thursdays beginning January 12. Fred Savage plays a Hollywood writer who is down on luck returns home to help his brother run the family business. Mother and Father have problems of their own by the way. Will their be a laugh track??? Sadly very likely.

Love Monkey: 8/9 Tuesdays starting January 17. Its about a young single record-company executive and search of love and career success. Hello remember Tommy M? Show will bomb

The Jenna Elfman Show: Mondays 8:30/9:30 starting January 23. Elfman (Dharma and Greg) plays a lawyer who seeks true love. One can hope that its not as dumb as Still Standing and Yes Dear. Maybe it can replace one of those shows.

Skating with Celebrities: Mondays 7/8 staring January 18. Great lead in to 24...NOT!!!! I think most people would rather see "Dancing" than Ice Skating.

South Beach: Wednesdays 8/9 Starting January 11. Two friends go to Miami Beach. Its a drama

Get This Party Starting" Tuesdays 8/9 Starting January 24 Party Planners. Neither show impress me.


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