Monday, January 30, 2006


This time the Counsel of American Islamic Relations have made Bill Handel of KFI-AM Los Angeles their next target. You can't mock any "minority" without getting flack, and yes this religion and the people who pratice it are seen by the left as a "minority."

Well Bill Handel is willing to recant but only if...

1. CAIR denounces all bombings, attacks, where the intended victims were innocent civilians. Such as all bus, market, restaurant bombings in Israel, the 2004 train bombing in Madrid, and the 2005 subway and bus bombings in London.

2. Israel is a sovereign nation. Recognized by the world community, has a right to exist with defensible borders. Dream On and Handel knows it.

3. CAIR, and its associates have no ties, nor have they ever had any ties with individuals or known terrorist organizations, whatsoever, financially or otherwise, including but not limited to, Hamas, Islamic jihad, Hezbollah, the Muslim Brotherhood, or Al Qaeda. I doubt they will renouce them either.

Click Here to READ his statement regarding CAIR

Click Here to HEAR his statement regarding CAIR

Sometimes I wonder if we had the kind of media now back in World War II that we would go and save the Jews that were being killed by the Nazis in Germany. Darth Fargo (Ed Schultz) says we would, but I wonder otherwise. The only reason why the left has denouced Hitler (and make no mistake he should be) is because he broke the pact with their guy Joe Stallin. You know that cold blooded killer who rulled the Soviet Union at one time.

Today the American Jews who are liberal in nature along with the left at large have turned their backs on their fellow Jewish brothers and sisters and have showen their support of Palestine. History has proven that their was never a nation of such. So why call yourself Jewish??? Only to use that just in case the right wing noise machine comes after you when your promoting socialist causes or whatever stifles liberty and freedom in this country??? I guess so.

All I can say to you liberal Jews you are disgracing the people that were killed by Hitler by supporting people who WOULD DO THE SAME THING!!!!

Thats not being Anti-Semitic, That's A Fact. Just wait and see when these Islamo-Facists get the upper hand over you.


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