Friday, January 27, 2006

When Conservatives disown Conservatives who put Lefty Profs.In their Place

Yes its happening and its a crying shame

It is a crying shame when these colleges and universities are taking these kids in and making them into the Youthful Idiots that they should NOT Be. This country is going down the tubes and anyone who believes what America has been for many years should support those who would distory this beloved nation, EVEN IF IT HURTS CERTIAN PEOPLE.

Believe me certain Professors who want to reshape America in their image need to get beatings day in and day out.

Click here to read this piece about this Right on Right attacks by Melanie Morgan

Click here to visit The UCLA Bruin Alumni Assocation. These guys do their best to put the leftys at UCLA in their place. Who knows the more support they get the more they can grow and go after other lefty profs. at other Universities across the Fruited Plain, but ONLY WITH OUR HELP!!!


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