Sunday, January 01, 2006

Impeaching Bush???!!! & Random Thoughts

In case you have been under a rock that has become the left's new rallying cry. So far the left has been unable to stick it to Bush and reclaim this country for the far left socialists...and then some.

Make no mistake this is no joke from the leftys. John Kerry cracked about this and said he was kidding...I don't think so, because Barbra Boxer came out and talked about wanting to impeach Bush.

With all this talk about the FISA Court, and how Bush needed to go through these "judges," why is it that Jimmy Carter and Bill Clinton could get around this FISA Court? Wait don't tell me, they were DEMOCRATS, and since the much of media at large is run by DEMOCRATS they can't do no wrong cause the DEMOCRATS in the media will protect them from just about any criticism that the "right-wing" throws at their poor enlightened liberal DEMOCRATS.

That is also why Clinton got away with not going after ObL (but he was still a great president because he was a DEMOCRAT), and his lacky Attorney General Janet Reno got away with the likley murder of many people in the Waco Compound and making sure that Elian Gonzelles return to Cuba so that Fidel Castro can shape him to serve HIM. Their was never a communist leader the left ever denounced.

The "right-wing" noise machine is small compared to the might of the "left-wing" noise machine. The left has ABC, CBS, (MS)NBC, CNN, New York Times, LA Times, Newsweek, Time. In spite of this they are still losing their grip because talk radio, blogs, FOX News, Newsmax, World Net Daily, Drudge, Men's News Daily which make up the "right wing" noise machine. The days in which Walter Crankenhouse can shape public opinion and get away with moving the country to the far left are over, and even Crakenhouse knows it since he does not like the blogs himself. Hey got one at the Huffington Post don't ya. Yet the left has not taken up blogs like the righty's have.

The left talks about civil liberties being violated. Just wait untill they get back into power. If they hate you or the group you are in, they WILL violate YOUR civil liberties hands down. The left has shown themselves to be above the law or they think that THEY ARE THE LAW!!! If they truly think they are later; watch out cause they will change the law as they see fit.

We are at war people, Bush is a far cry from a Bob Enyart type. While Enyart might come after you for breaking Old Testement Law, Bush is not going to come after people on phone porn. Only if your talking to ObL and other terrorists.

This is a classic reason why the Republicans need to ditch the Christian Coalltion, and Focus on the Family. Allthough they work within the "system" they get put into the same catagory with that jerk Enyart. But then again being a libertarian I get the "right wing" label too. Neverless people at large are libertarian in nature and I still don't like the religionists trying to tell people what to do.


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