Friday, January 13, 2006

Maryland Passes The "Get Wal-Mart" Bill

Maryland passed a bill today in which companies with more than 10,000 employees within the state must pay for their workers "Health Bennfits."

Can you name other companies other than Wal-Mart that have 10,000 employees within a certain state? One thing for sure, this bill passed in Maryland, has made the Union Leaders and the Hillarycare (i.e. Government Run Health Care) advocates even happier.

John Sweeney who heads the AFL-CIO said:

"The tide is turning because working people are not just fed up — they are ready to get active to set our country in a different direction, one state at a time."

That different direction by the way is the old direction that Unions and Democrats have intended to take us back to for some time now. A Socialist Workers Utopia. I should tell you that Sweeney himself is a self-avowed Socialist and a member of the Democratic Socialists of America which believes that capitalism (i.e. The Free Market) should be eliminated.

Sweeney also shows his loyalty to those who declare themselves Communists by successfully repealing a rule that prohibits "Communists" from being from being leaders of AFL-CIO affiliated Unions. It should be noted that when the AFL-CIO merged into one union there was a push to distance themselves from Communists. Guess what you 'worker drones?" You are fair game of having a communist speaking on behalf of YOU!!!!

Sweeney also instituted a "Union Summer" program in order to indefinite the worker drones with the usual class warfare propaganda and tactics to go along with that propaganda. Those who go to these programs must recite a "Working Class Commitment" pledge that states "we belong to the only class with a future." Does that smell like communism to you? Oh and Sweeney never dirtied has hand in his life. He also pocked a cool $449,000 in unjustified pay from a local union that once headed in New York City.

Discoverthenetwork's Profile on John Sweeney

Naomi Walker who is a spokeswoman for the AFL-CIO was interviewed by Socialist Talk Show Host Ed Schultz about this "Union Victory" in Maryland.

Unions really worked really hard on this bill, along with progressive allies...

Let me cut in here for a minute to remind you that progressive is nothing but a euphemism. As Mike Rosen of KOA Radio reminds his audience that the term means "progress on the road to socialism."

She went on to say that Wal-Mart does not have the right pass the costs onto other folks. Now tell me how they force the state to pay for certain people? I don't get it, yet the government does not have a problem in forcing companies to pay through the roof for whatever the government wants. This is why so many companies are moving outside of the United States. Yes blame your Nanny State advocates for having your job shipped to India or were ever. All in the name of making the company do the right thing and being so nice to the "workers."

Interview with Ed Schultz and this Union Spokeslady.

On Rush Limbaugh's talk program today he called this recent new bill "a government-sanctioned rape on of an American business," and the real goal of this bill was to destroy Wal-Mart's price point. So maybe Wal-Mart in that state will have to "raise their prices" in order to help the working folk. So guess who pays? YOU the Customer.

At least the Unions and other leftys have found a way to get Wal-Mart. Be on the look out for this kind of bill in 30 states. This includes Colorado, Connecticut and Washington.

If this passes here is how the winners and losers will be. This will be the outcome in Maryland, mark my words.

Their Drones and Leaders
Hillarycare Advocates
Other Leftist Interest Groups
Big Government Advocates

Wal-Mart (First and foremost)
The Customer looking for a good price
The Job Market
The Free Market
The Poor (Yes they will lose, just like they did in New York City with that bus strike)

That’s the price Wal-Mart pays for getting on the Grocery Store Unions turf, but don't blame Wal-Mart, blame the Unions for wanting too much, and expecting Mr. and Miss Customer to pay for their "benefits." The company at same time is finding it harder and harder to make money and guess what?

People lose jobs and the Union sits by and lets it happen. They also sit by should a company that was Unionized folds. At least in Germany their are laws in which prevent a company from folding. That is not good either, cause it does not solve the problems that the dying company has to deal with.

Story from AP

One more thing, maybe its time to encorage people to think about paying for their health care for once. We have a long way to go in reversing the damage that FDR did to this country regarding economic polices.


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