Monday, January 09, 2006

Banana Boat Man: A Communist Sympathizer

Yes THAT Banana Boat Man. Yes I am talking about Harry Belafonte. The one who made Day-O so popular.

For so many years certain people knew that Belafonte was a big fan and friend of Cuban Dictator Fidel Castro. Castro has so much blood on his hands since he killed so many people that opposed his iron leadership. The reason why Castro has been able to keep his iron grip on Cuba is because of people like Belafonte.

Now Belafonte has officially given his support to Castro's Mini-Me Hugo Chavez (President of Venezuela), and at the same time called President Bush a tyrant and a terriorist..."the greatest tyrant in the world, the greatest terrorist in the world." Oh but Castro and Chavez their not terriorists. They are such men of compassion and love for the common people for their respect nations.

Belafonte was not alone. Also siding with him in person was actor Danny Glover and Princeton Professor Cornel West, both of which are supporters of communist and marxist ideals and enjoy the fruits of freedom of American Life. Its a crying shame.

Was their a time in which you would have been put to death if you convicted as a communist spy? Yes, but those days are gone. Joe McCarthy is a nut case and we misunderstand these people call communists. No people McCarthy may have been a loose cannon but he was on to a lot of dangerous people, and these dangerous people have took us to were we are now. We might have been their sooner without people like him calling their bluff. Day by Day, Week by Week, Month by Month, Year by Year; we are moving closer and closer to their "socialist paradise." They control so many elements in our goverment, our media, our education system, even in big business.

This website does a great job in showing who the players are among The Left.

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