Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Banana Boat Man: A Communist; Mind, Body, and Soul

Yes its offical Harry Belafonte is not only a communist sympathizer, but a Communist all the way.

Michelle Malkin has pointed out statements he made in the past including one in 1983. Click here to read them.

No wonder Socialist talk show host Stacy Taylor (KLSD-AM San Diego) calls her the Dragon Lady.

However their are "Oreo Cookies" (Blacks that don't buy into the Leftist Agenda) that have denouced this SOB or at least put them in their place. One of them is Jesse Lee Peterson. Click his name to read a story that features him in a story from World Net Daily regarding Banana Boat Commie.

Feel sorry for the Rosenburgs Mr. Belafonte? Too bad we can't send you to the afterlife like they did to the Rosenburgs.


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