Tuesday, January 10, 2006

A woman's place is in the Boardroom...OR ELSE!!!

Or Else what???

The government can shut down your company. Great just great and I though that these European are so caring about the working people in their respect countries. Shut these companies down and you put so many of them out of work.

It reminds of what Mike Rosen of KOA-AM in Denver said about how the left and right think.

Conservatives believe in individual freedom and responsibility. Liberals believe in sacrficing individual freedom for socially desirable outcomes. Liberals believe that one of government's primary roles is social engineering.

Thanks to the far left feminists in Norway, many companies in that respected country now have to bust their buns to get as many women on corporate boards as possible. A classic example of the government involved in social engineering.

Their is nothing wrong about working women, and women who want to put motherhood aside and go after their personal dreams. Now if certain women are able to get to the company more power to them. However its dangerous when the goverment comes in and tries to implement a quota system telling companies that they MUST HAVE a certain amount of women sitting on coroprate boards.

Oh well its time to encourage more dads to stay at home with the kids cause the women (at least the feminNAZIS) "will not go back" and "will fight back." Sadly the big wigs will do that, but the working folk, well the government nannies will help care for the children if not allready.

This my friends can very well happen in America.

Story from The Guardian (U.K.)


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