Friday, January 20, 2006

Osama Bin Laden Speaks Yet Again

According to Neal Boortz OBL sounds like he is getting his talking points from the leftys and the Democrats.
Click here to read Neal's remarks

Need I remind you that OBL wants us to withdraw from EVERY MUSLIM Country. Will OBL leave us alone. One can hope if we make that choice, but I don't want to pull out, cause knowing these Muslims they think they must impose their religion on the world. This would be far worse than Bob Enyart's Christian Government, and believe me Enyart is also a danger to freedom and liberty.

From Aljazeera. OBL's favor News Network. It is in english.

From and they point out that OBL sounds like he is using the talking points of the Dems

What OBL said on the tape. From FOX News

From AP: We are not caving in to this SOB


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