Monday, January 16, 2006

Some Recomended Readings UPDATED

Can you see what kind of man Walter Cronkite is? A Pompus @$$. No Rush Limbuagh is so the left says. You know if Cronkite used his anchor man status to help the Vietcong win , then Rush deserves the title "America's Anchorman." Click here to read a piece by AP in which the man that should have not been trusted calls for America to cut an run in Iraq. No, No, No Crankenhouse. Don't use the tragedy of New Orleans to convice us that Iraq was a bad ideal.

Neal Boortz wanted to watch John Stosel's program but could not. However he did gather into info from the web to share in his Nuze Today. Plus thoughts on MLK Day, the Senior Citizen Drug Plan, and the possible impeachment of Bush.

Local San Diego radio talk show host Rick Roberts (who also fills in for Michael Savage on his syndcated talk program) also have some thoughts on Walter Crankenhouse's Cut and run remarks.


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