Thursday, March 30, 2006

'Amazing Race' Moves, while 'Alex', 'Practice' are Out

The move to Wednesdays has not been good to CBS's freshman comedies "Courting Alex," and "Out of Practice." both of which prove to be nothing but filler while waiting for CSI: Miami and/or something to watch after "Two and a Half Men." 'Men' has proven that it can stand on its own without 'Raymond' watching their back.

"The Amazing Race" now kicks off CBS Wednesday nights with hopes it can draw from FOX's "Bones" and very likey more Wednesday night airings of "Deal or No Deal" on NBC. In spite of a family race series that tanked, the current Race series returned to its 'teams of two' format and the race being taken across the main continents which is keep this reality contest alive and above water sort of speak. It also has proven to be a family friendly series and something that might work better when the kids are not in bed, and the kids were in bed in its previous time slot thanks to the new breakout hit "The Unit" on Tuesdays. Race happens to be a respect reality series among fans and critics alike due the fact that contestants must connect with the cultures of the countries they are in when faced with given tasks to perform. Also Amazing Race won the Emmy for Best Reality Series in the past two years and likely to win again.

CBS should do better with 'Race' on Wednesdays since their is no run away hit show in the 7/8 hour, but I will be surprised if it can overtake 'Bones,' and I will be really surprised if it can overtake 'DoND.'

Meanwhile 'Alex' and 'Practice', is likely to be joining 'Threshold' and 'Love Monkey' as shows that could not make it on The Eye this season.

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