Friday, April 21, 2006

CBS Radio: Is This What You Wanted Opie & Anthony...Again!!!

The headline is a pun on song by Nerf Herder about the group Van Halen and its love for the David Lee Roth years.

The lyric line was: "Is that want you wanted Sammy Hagar...Dave lost his hairline but you (Hagar) lost your cool buddy." The song writer lost intrest in the group after that. VH will still able to sell records in the Hagar years.

Anyway while Al Franken might be improving his radio skills (and Jerry Doyle did even better), David Lee Roth's attempt to become a broadcaster failed after four months.

CBS Radio learned that its good to forgive the sinner along with the certain Catholic Church leaders that pitched a fit over making love in their churches (OK that pushing it a bit I admit), but Opie & Anthony are returning to the "Free" (pun intended) airwaves.

As for Diamond Dave, you should stuck to what you do best. Singing and Screaming :-)

Two stories from Radio & Records:

Roth gets the Shaft

Opie & Anthony Sign With CBS Radio


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lovely, i just brought tons of fresh emo backgrounds on my blog

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