Monday, April 24, 2006

Recommended Readings

Latino Pop Stars express support for the Invaders, they will write a song using the Star Bangled Banner melody to show us whiteies how misguided we are.

Michael Goodwin talks about HILLtialla comments about building a wall between the United States and Mexico.

Michael Barone talks about the love affair South America has with Socialism, and calls it a passing phase. Lets hope so, cause if not Hugo Chavez and compnay are not only going to wreck South America. They will wreak us "Yankies."

The Sunday Talk Show Recap from Brian Phillips. Check out what Uncle Teddy (Meet The Press) and what The Kerry (This Week) said.

Cynthia McKinney is shooting off her mouth again. If I were not white I would call her something really bad. However I can say that people like her try to come across as "Victim." We are not buying that garbage anymore sister.

Star Parker (someone that used to THINK if not ACT like McKinney) Says the GOP's "Contract" is not burned out just yet. For the sake of this Country I hope Parker is right.

Diana West tells us about new EU lexicon on terrorism. Sure to make terrorist everywere very happy. They will se that the EU has proven to be weak on terrorism.

Did you know that Islamic Terrorists admire Timothy McVeigh???? One of them Zacarias Moussaoui called McVeigh a "great American." J.C. Watts reminds people to always remember the past especially what McVeigh did.

Go see 'United 93', and skip 'An Inconvenient Truth.' The latter being Albert Gore's movie. Nothing better to do since your NOT the Big Cheese in the Oval Office. Mark Steyn talks about this.

While we are on the subject of the Envior-Socialists, at least one of them is telling the truth on Gas Prices. Their are not really high in the States. The enlightned ones in Europe PAY MORE!!! This appears to be OK because they have embraced Socialism, I am Right???

The Wall Street Journal says the world is getting cleaner.


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