Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Some Recommended Readings

The real face of Zero tolerance. Boy turns in knife to his principal. Might be expelled. Ever thought about Home Schooling or Private Education??? Goverment Education out of control.

David Limbaugh talks about Russ Finegold's recent appearance on FOX News Sunday. His goals can be seen ever so clear. David was just as disgusted with this socialist as much as I was.

What if Billy Boy was a Republican??? Burt Prelutsky gives you something to think about that one.

Dennis Prager talks about The intolerance among leftys and Democrats.

The Republicans spending money like crazy. They really outdone what FDR only dreamed of. Gutting "The New Deal?" Don't worry Darth Fargo, they are far from doing that right now.

Cal Thomas talks about the recent ABC News flap.

Michael Barone shows us why the Old Media would like to see the new media stiffled. He tells it like it is. 90% Dems, 10% Republicans. That is most of your major newsrooms. They need lots of Dirty Lanudry. Cue the old Don Henley song.

While we are on the subject of the News Media Thomas Sowell presents this piece which I say is a MUST READ!!! Sowell points out that Certain Agendas TRUMP Clear Facts.

Bill Cosby keeps speaking out about how his people act especially in the geto called New Orleans. If we only had more people like him speaking out.

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