Sunday, April 02, 2006

Some Recommended Readings for a Sunday Night

Remember I told you about a Indian Reservation in South Dakota that will offer to abortions in case South Dakota's Abortion Law in upheld Click here for the story.

Smart Remarks from Don:
Well Bobby (Enyart), you still have ways to go in your quest to empower men to put women under their thumbs once again. Forget the "Stepford Wives" how about "The Enyart Wives?" However he would never "Murder" the wives unlike the Stepford Men. Don't forget to practice what you preach Bobby.

Oh and here is my take on all of the above

Another reason why the Old Media Hates us and Fears us. Click here to find out why. Please don't give this garbage about a "black eye" your freaken idiots. Uncle Wally and the Cigarette Smoking Journalist (Edward R. Murrow) are just as guilty and neither did not have deal with Blogs and the New Media.

"Basic Instinct 2" (along with the first movie from Larry The Cable Guy) has a 'meltdown' of sorts while "Ice Age 2" stands firm. My first time link to a story from's Movie section


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