Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Tom DeLay Calls It Quits

If your a Democrat you are probably going to buy yourself some Champaign a celebrate a victory for your party since you feathered and tarred the man in the first place. To be career politician especially a Republican, it can very tough. It seems that if your Uncle Ted, Barbara Boxer, Robert "Klansman" Byrd its easy as pie, cause your loved among the elite that runs this country. That elite is not friendy to those who believe (or talk about) in limited goverment and individual freedom and liberty. Say what you want about DeLay but at least he had spine and stuck to his guns. I Don't agree with everything he did but the Republicans could learn a thing or two about leadership from him. He was not called "The Hammer" for nothing.

The rest of the Republicans can still grow a spine and hopfuly figure out that your better off not trying to make nice the limo leftys especially those in the National News Media. Their are nothing but an unofficial Public Relations machine for the Democratic National Committee (or DNC for short). Neal Boortz is warning you and so is Sean Hannity (or Slan Head as Darth Fargo likes to call him) that if the Dems do "take back" American the very two things they will do is Impeach Bush and try to bring back the "Fairness Doctrine." Once those two things are acomplished then very likley nothing can stop these 'Jack@$$'s' (literally) from making the United States of America into the new Soviet Union. I say it again but with different words. This Soviet Union will not be in Russia but here in the United States.

Why do you think so many liberals went after President Reagan back in the 1980's. They wanted to enable so many communist fronts especially in South America at the time. Today these socialist scum bags are taking over these countries without as much bloodshed. If only our current Republicans would take the time to reflect on what Reagan did during his time as President of the United States. He did what he had to do and did not care about what the Crankenhouses, the Rathers, the Breakjaws, The Barbs, The Sheens or the Donaldsons of the world thought of him. Reagan was consistant in what he believed in and stuck to his guns.

This is a reason why he got elected for two terms and why he replaced an imcomptant President who has proven his love towards dictators especially those with communist/socialist tendencies.. Even as a lame duck Reagan stuck to his guns and believed in what he believed in. Bush (Father and Son) will never compare to the Great Communicator, but maybe just maybe they can show a little Reaganism and do the right not only for the Republicans but for our Country.

Story from Newsmax.com

Comments about the DeLay Retirment from Neal Boortz, and he says we are losing a great advocate.

Right now the lovers of Freedom and Liberty see hope in Cynthia Mckinney as she continues to act up and her sympathizers let her get away with it. Its in Boortz's Nuze as well.


Blogger TJM said...

The problem is this. Delay is a bum. His whole schtick with our own Joel Hefley showed it in spades. Reluctantly, with no lack of weighty consideration, Hefley called "Don" Delay to issue and was promptly rewarded by losing his chairmanship.

How a guy responds to legitimate criticism is a good barometer of his moral condition. Whatever Delay's "core" beliefs may have been at one time, he - and they - succumbed to that dreaded moral vacuity disease: Potomac Fever.

Whatever he may have been when he started, at the end, he was about power. Pure, potent, unmitigated power. And, he was as close to absolute power as anyone in the legislative branch can be. Thankfully (due to wisdom, blind-luck or - more likely - a brief beneficience shined upon our founding squabblers), it ain't too much.

But the closer to absolute, the closer to corruption. And, inarguably, at a minimum, he had both feet squarely planted in the grey area.

I must admit and confess, I have as much distress in seeing a Republican conservative in tawdry circumstance as I do delight in the similar misfortune of any liberal.

But, let's not miss the heart of the matter here. Either side's claim to the moral high ground - and yes, even liberals, on rare occassion, trump us on this - rare occasions here - is rightfully asserted only to the extent it is:
1) genuinelly desirous of the "right" thing as an end in itself,
2) honest in its thinking and communication.

We have to own our own. For better or worse. If a guy goes bad, let's not sugarcoat it; let's call it for what it is - if for no other reason, to help the guy see the issue(s) himself.

Let the liberals posture for effect. Let them rent their garments in self-righteous indignation.

Let's not.

If we screw up. Say so. If one of our own goes bad, cut him LESS slack than the enemy.

Because "the right thing," is not served by posturing, denial or "spinning."

Unless you buy that most effective of liberal icons: Machiavelli.

Integrity demands we don't.

Because, in the end, we are right and they're wrong. Let's not forget that being right carries with it a higher bar.

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