Friday, September 08, 2006

Friday Readings

Newsmax talks with Dick Morris about the Clintoneasta attack on ABC's upcomming Mini-Series. However Michael Moore can mislead all he wants because he is part of the new nomenklatura that the Dems are becoming.

Their is hope since ABC is editing the movie. Edit it right and Clinton and his gang come out smelling like a rose like any Nomeklatura would.

Scholastic Replaces 'Path to 9/11' Guide. You know that company loved Clinton. Please don't hide behind the Big Red Dog please...You know it.

Thoughts about this from Kathleen Parker.

Rule 2: Its all Clinton's Fault...YOU BET DARTH FARGO!!! I know that your monkey wife is pulling the strings... she and the Democratic Party. Your just the apprentice or as Lenin would put it...the Useful Idiot. Maybe you know all of this and are truly a member of the Nomeklatura. Shame if you are.

Want to hear his rant??? click here

Clinton had the CHANCE TO GET OBL!!! Willaim Jefferson Clinton made his choice and his choice was NO...We shall not go after ObL. If he did and got him, then even I would give Wille Boy credit for his capture. But Al Gore is the NOT the sitting Pres and you hate Bush so I digress.

Kevin McCullough's take on the Clintonestas and how they can't deal with Evil in the world, nor they the deal with criticism.

OK other issues

Mike Rosen talks about flags and the Government School Classroom.

ABC will cave, and Dems National Security plan. This and more from Neal Boortz.

Mike Gallagher says the media keep missing the boat when it comes to Iraq and prefers to pay attention to the antics of Paris Hilton. Talk about "Stars are Blind."

According to a Newsmax story Washington Post columnist David Broder says Newsweek owes Karl Rove an Apology. Broder is no righty but not a left wing radical for the record. Will Newsweek recant...NO!!! That is how the liberal mind set is.

Charles Krauthammer warns the Iraqis to get their house in order. You never know the Dems might gain power and they will pull us out of Iraq.

Lorrie Byrd wonder when the Dems will learn anything about the War on Terrorism..."Thwack!" Guess not.

David Limbaugh says the the Democrats gloating is premature. Also says if things get better in Iraq the less Dems in power we shall see.

I have to say that Bush's recent speeches regarding the war on terror are to point and encoraging. Mona Charen seconds that and like Stella, Bush has his groove back.

Now we know who leaked Valerie Plame. It was Richard Armitage. Byron York wonders why he let certain members of the Bush Administration sweat it out.

House Republicans shoot down immgration bill. Good Thing too, it would have given the illegals allready here amnesty.

Does Hillary Clinton have a serect weapon in order for her chance to win the Oval Office. Dick Morris looks at this.

Melanie Morgan reminds us to reflect on 9/11


Blogger Patriot World said...


Forgive me for sounding dumb, but just what does that word mean?

5:44 AM

Blogger Don McCullen said...

The Nomenklatura were a group of people that had the same special privileges as did the Communist Party. They had their own stores, places to shop that the "adverage Worker" could not shop by law.

Their were Rich people in the Soviet Union and they hogged their wealth while forcing everyone else to share.

Thomas Sowell brings up the term Nomenklatura in his piece this week check it out Bob.

Should the Dems errect the Soviet Union in this country, you can count on the News Media and Hollywood to be part of the Nomenklatura if not allready.

Katrina vanden Heuvel editor of the left wing rag "The Nation" does annual Sea Cruses costing around $1,400 to $4,000 just to tell those who can afford those prices that the poor need a Socialist Society in America while enjoy expensive drinks and food.

7:47 AM

Blogger Patriot World said...

Would Ned Lamont be considered part of this group? I say from the description he should!

4:55 PM

Blogger Don McCullen said...

Lamont or Lement as Rush like to call would be part of the Nomenklatura.

The big one however you should include is George Soros. This man has billons in his bank and uses it to usher this country if not the world into a Socialist Utopia

9:34 AM


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