Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Tuesday Readings

Neal Boortz is at the White House Today.

Thomas Sowell warns the Democrats "Contract" is totally opposite of the Republicans "Contract of American" back in 1994 and are deliberately avoiding reviling their coherent policy program. Darth Fargo wants to tell us that the Republicans think were are stupid...It is the Dems that think we are stupid 10X more. Just give us the "Security Blanket" of power and then we shall talk about our agenda. Think Twice before you do.

David Limbaugh warns that a Democratic Congress would be worse than a Republican one.

The BBC admits their bias in favor of Muslims and The Middle East. More Good Reason for them to privatize their domestic operations. Yes I am Dreaming.

Certain people have warned me about Michael Savage, now David Kinghoffer might have called his bluff. Maybe Jerry Doyle or even Rick Roberts (who filled in for Savage) are more honest than Savage.

Mike Adams presnets us with his Hate Mail

Bruce Bartlett talks about Nancy Pelosi's being in spotlight should she become the speaker.

Herman Cain takes on the Chicken Littles in the liberal kaball who say the Sky is Falling. He also warns of an impending tsunami of bad economic and foreign policy should the Democrats take control.

Bill Murchison says that Grammer Intrstuction is making a comeback. About time.


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