Friday, October 20, 2006

Friday Readings

Thoughts on North Korea, The Current Election Polls and how the Republicans could have ran on winning issues. Today's Comments from Neal Boortz.

Mike Rosen explains the term Nonpartisan and how it does not mean that intellectually aligned with the ideals of either the Dems or the GOP.

Charles Krauthammer says one way to keep North Korea in line is for Japan to have Nukes.

Liberals always love to talk about the Truth especially when they speak "truth to power." Melanie Morgan says the left can't handle it at all.

David Limbaugh encorages Christian Conservatives to go and vote as they nomally do.

What will America look like in the year 2050??? Patrick Buchanan talks about this as we have passed the 300 Million mark regarding people that are in our country.

30 years ago your would hear the likes of Percy Faith at your local Supermarket. Today you hear the Stones...Down the road Diddy and other Hip-Hoppers??? Brent Bozell shows us that parents are fighting back aganist Gangsta Rap.

Mike Gallagher has had it with the Mark Foley scandlel and calls it for what it is. An attempt to dupe the voters into electing Democrats.

Jonah Goldberg calls the Iraq War a "worthy mistake." This does not mean he supports cutting and running nore has he linked hands with the Anti-War people.

Ed Feulner talks about taking the Dems solution to Iraq and how that would lead to civil war.

Hugh Hewitt says its not the time for doom and gloom. It is time to support and vote Republican.


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