Thursday, October 19, 2006

Thursday Readings

Rocco DiPippo talks about the upcomming impeachment that is being planned by the hard left with John Conyers leading the way.

Discover the Network has a profile on Conyers which is a must read for any Freedom Loving America and those who want to win the war on Islamofasism. Conyers district has a high proportion of Muslims than any other in Congress, and his official website can also be read in Arabic. Just Google John Conyers.

Today's Comments from Neal Boortz

The left wants O.J. type trials for Terrorists...Meaning they will be slapped on the wrist and will be able to attack again. Ann Coulter talks about this.

Ed Koch talks about the attack on Christian by Muslims and that Europe might finally be seeing the light regarding the agenda of Islamofacism.

Larry Elder talks about one student flunking a class just because he is a Republican in the making and NOT a Lefty. Yet another reason for Choice and Competition and eventually and HOPFULLY the abolishment of Government Schools.

Contary to what the Dems and the left say...We are in a economic boom. George Will talks about it.

From World Net Daily: Terror suspect contributed to school 'religion guidelines'. What is with the left and Islam??? Why are they so accomdate them so much???

Victor Davis Hanson talks about the crazness of the left since the Republicans took the majority in 1994. He also points out that Clinton and Carter have no problem breaking tradition when it comes to being critical of the current Bush adminstration. These leftys are nothing but overgrown children and like Linus Van Pelt from the Peanuts comic they are overreacting just because we don't give them their Securtiy Blanket of Power.

Dick Morris and Robert Novak say the Dems are going to gain big time in our Federal Congress. I hope they are wrong. See my first readings of today.

However Marc Ambinder says the White House should be Optimistic of its party staying in power.

Remember to get out an VOTE!!! Don't let the MSM tell you its over. That is what they want to believe. They have been supporters of Socialist Causes for many years and the only way for them to win is for Freedom Loving Americans to sit out the fight.

Remember you have two choices for the moment. Republican and Democrat. Take your pick...cause that is the way the game is played. Just remember that the Democratic Party is more and more like the Communist Party in the Soviet Union...and should they gain control you will understand why they thought Reagan lost it when it called it the "Evil Empire." The want such an empire here in the States. That is slowly happening right now.


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