Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Democrats: For the "Common Good"

In today's comments by Neal Boortz, he warned that the Democrats have been warring aganinst individualism.

If your one of those people that bleed your heart out for those who did not win the game of life you might find the term "Common Good" a great thing. Helping your brothers and sisters who may not have as much you, giving a leg up, a boost etc etc.

However "Common Good" has been used by the Communist Socialists over the years, and now the Democratic Party is using it. It should come as no surprise to those who believe in Freedom and Liberty that the Democrats are now showing their true colors when it comes to their support of Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels...at the least their Utopian Vision of a perfect world.

In short we the elite rich rule and keep you working stiffs under our feet.

That is how they look at you people.

Why do you think I hate these socialist dirtbags???

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Blogger INTP said...

Actually the pursuit of the common good comes from Thomas Jefferson's first inaugural speech and James Madison's Federalist #57 (please google this to verify for yourself).

Does this mean that our Founding Fathers were communists?

12:55 AM

Blogger Don McCullen said...

No it does not menn our founders were commies, but it does not change the fact that "Common Good" was used by Socialists over the years.

It also does not change the fact the Democratic Party are the party of Nanny State Government.

10:45 AM


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