Friday, November 03, 2006

Friday Readings

Thomas Sowell says not to discount the media and their role in the election. Remember they love the Democrats and hate the Republicans and are show their passions for the respected sides. Sowell also has somethings to say about the media defense of The Kerry regarding his College/Iraq remarks.

MUST READ Comments from Neal Boortz. Why a must read, becuase he has things to say about hiding Nancy Pelosi (very likey to be House Speaker should the Dems get power), Pastor Ted Haggard and his "Gay Lover?" Also the Dems are trying to stifle the Milltary Vote...Again. If they can do that then maybe Just Maybe the Dems get the Security Blanket of Power and will be able to suck us all dry while their expolit the poor in getting to vote for them.

Burt Prelustsky looks at the Double Standard that the Liberals hold dear to. Just remember that intentions of the Left are 'always good' and that is good enough for them. Don't Get Fooled...they only thing the left wants to do is CONTROL!!!

Stanley Crouch is no fan of Barack Obama and explains that people may get the wrong ideal of the guy. Bottom line: He not one of the Community.

Mike Rosen has his final piece before Election Day and reminds disgruntled conservatives that the Democrat coalition will be out in force to elect their people and they are dreaming of their Socialist Visions...and tells Republicans and conservative-leaning independents to' Grow Up Get Over it' and Vote Republican.

British believe Bush is more dangerous than Kim Jong-il. Too Bad the UK is becoming more like the EU. Remember the EU will never be the top dog unless someone in the United States cuts Us down so many knotches. The EU at its core is a Wannabe Mega Socialist State. However the British fear Obl More than Bush or Jong-il.

Rich Lowry says that Kerry's recent remarks revile the true colors of the Dems.

FOX News story about Kerry Flub and how the Republicans are reacting to it.

You have a right to be heard, but you don't have the right to get in front in just anyone face. Tell that to the "Scientists" who wanted to get in Bush's Face regarding 'global warming.'

Charles Kruathammer says that if the Dems win next week it will be normal and nothing historic.

Larry Kudlow says the Tax Climate should be OK regardless of which party is controling The House. I Will Not Hold my Breath. The Dems these days have embrased hard line Socialism they will try when our guard is down.


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