Monday, October 30, 2006

Monday Readings

Well I have my computer back but I still need to reslove my anti-virus issues

Today's Comments from Neal Boortz

Boortz talks about Barney Frank wanting a global financial regulator. Click those last words to find out what that is about.

Hundreds march in French suburb one year after riots. However the report does NOT tell that the Hundreds are MUSLIMS!!! What is about the left and Islam??? Why do they give so much cover to that religion.

Here are two TV stations that will not stay on the global warming bus. Way to the Go. At least their is some jounnalist scruples out their.

Is this the best you can do lefty media??? Talk about Lynne Cheney's Hot Lesbian novel??? John Kerry tried to use her daughter and FAILED!!!

She also Blitzed the Wolfman. I am not talking about Jack by the way.

Cuba dissident movement is going stronger as Castro weakens and eventually Castro will have to Buy the Farm. Stefania Lapenna has her thoughts about this.

Michael Barone has a great piece about this thing called "polls."

ObL might have his say again before Election Day. If he wants the Dems to win it would be in his best intrest to stay quiet.

Lieberman Puts Focus on Seniority.

Mike Rosen talks about the term "Swiftboating" and says its become another buzzword for the left to use.


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