Thursday, October 26, 2006

Thursday Readings

Dems are using Rick Santorum's stance regarding Terri Schiavo (he supported keeping her alive) as way to kick him out of office. Since Bob Casey was not on Michael's side he is blasted for using Terri by Michael himself.

Fox and Rush continue to have their stupid faceoff. Thank you bleeding heart media for nothing. Ann Coulter is right about leftys giving people like Fox an exemption; "choose only messengers whom we are not allowed to reply to . . . you can't respond to them because that would be questioning the authenticity of their suffering." The Democrats are using people like Fox (allthough he is pround to be one I guess), like the widows, like Cindy Sunshine to advance their socialist goals.

Speaking of Ann here is her piece saying that their actions speak louders than words when it comes to their support on the war on terror.

Cal Thomas talks about a speech in 1984 that Rummy made regarding terrorism.

Larry Elder's open letter to Andy Rooney regarding Iraq.

Victor Davis Hanson says that the Governments of the Middle East are still living in the Dark Ages.

Robert Novak has his latest thoughts on the Election.


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