Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Wednesday Readings

Why the News on NBC declaring Iraq a Civil War news. Just shows once again that the Media is helping THEM instead of US.

Today's Comments from Neal Boortz

Victor Davis Hanson talks about how Europe lost confidence in itself and can't confront the Islamo-Fasists.

The Left would like to tell us that we are El Cheapo and stingy but John Stossel says otherwise. Can't Wait for the Continuation of this piece next week.

Linda Harvey looks at the ideal of 'nice' crimes.

The Leftist News Media once again makes things up. Michelle Malkin puts their feet to the fire. Why all this love for the Islamo-Facists...WHY???!!!

Alcee Hastings says his impeachment was poltical hatachet job. Byron York is not buying it.

Ben Shapiro talks about US Airways in which several "Muslims" were removed and wonders what will happen if the Civil Liberties crowd has it their way and this is repeated.

Related News Piece in today's Wash Times.

We Steal Money and give it away we would be doing the Jailhouse Rock. If our Governments do just that but since they are Government that is a very good thing. Walter Wiliams makes some great points about how we LOVE Government in his piece and how our founders thought otherwise.


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