Friday, December 01, 2006

Friday Readings

David Limbaugh talks about the German Christkindlmarket in Chicago and how certain Civil Libertarians are not Really the advocates of Civil Liberties.

Yesterday Neal Boortz said that AhmadineJad's letter to the Americans sounded more like a letter written by the current Democratic Letters. Hal Lindsey concures in his piece this week.

Today's Comments from Neal Boortz. As in December 1, 2006.

David Kopel goes after the media for the way they outted MegaPastor Ted Haggard.

Mike Rosen talks about Critical Thinking this week, and how the term is used by teachers in Government Schools to manipulate children into accepting their leftist worldviews.

If Neal Boortz can copy the following link so can I. This link will take to a survey now being conducted by Cato Institute regarding Private Education. If your involved in a Private School in ANY way please click the above link and take survey. Cato is also advocates for Choice and Competition in K-12 Education. Something the left opposes cause 13 years is a short window to indoctrnate children into Socialism.

Charles Krauthammer questions the realist Democrats regarding the State of the Middle East especially Iraq and the Syria-Iran axis.

Oliver North is back in Iraq and the state of it should be no suprise to anyone. The Gloom and Doomers have been aganist the Iraq War from the Start.

Comparing the Iraq War with WWII??? Jonah Goldberg is not buying it.

The United States government is considering ending its outreach program to Sunni insurgents in Iraq. Kill them before the Sunni's Kill Us.

Ed Feulner talks about ONE Government Program that works. Promoting the Free Market. Well, Well, Well :-)

In this story from the Wash Times about Keith Ellson swearing on the Koran, it appears that the Catholic Bible and the Torah were acceptable. Most imcomming members of Congress just take an oath on NO religious object at all.

Just because I link them does not mean their entirly true. Do your own reseach and see what I am linking is True. However I do try to link legit stories and articles.

The Dems will never be happy with the Voting Devices, for as long it does not give them a chance to win no matter what.

Once again the Dems try to steal an election...this time in Fort Myers, Florida.


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