Wednesday, December 06, 2006

My take on The Results of the November Sweeps

The big winners of the sweep are CBS and ABC. CBS takes the audience crown for a sixth year in a row for the November Sweeps. ABC won 18-49 wise and that is group that advertisers love.

CBS continues to win with its crime dramas leading the way. All three CSI's are all in the top 20 overall and are top 20 in the 18-49 demo. Criminal Minds which never was a darling with critics but still got big numbers with the audience at large now has pulled ever greater numbers in its current sophomore season. With CBS getting the Super Bowl in 2007 which is not far away, Minds now has the honor of getting the Post Super Bowl slot, and it is expected that CM will get a greater boost from it just as Grey's Anatomy got when ABC gave that respected show a post Super Bowl airing early this year. If you sick and tired of crime drama CBS is not the network for you. But hey it works and right now it does not need to be fixed.

ABC won with shows like 'Dancing with the Stars' (and one of the top rated shows among the 18-49 demo), Grey's Anatomy, and Desperate Housewives which at the moment trumps Grey. ABC also made gains with freshman shows 'Ugly Betty' and 'Brothers and Sisters.' ABC still has some weak spots including the Wednesday 8/9 slot which was the home of 'Lost' and is currently occupied by the drama 'Daybreak' which is losing big time and. ABC is not taking any chances and now is moving Lost to the 9/10 slot and it should get a second place finish behind CBS's CSI: NY when it returns in February. The third season of Lost has certain fans bewilded and ABC is smart to move it away from Minds on CBS. Another smart move for ABC is moving 'Men In Trees' to Thursday nights after Grey. This one should keep the Grey audience watching and from the first results of this it seems to be working.

NBC has made gains with the game show 'Deal or No Deal' and the new Sci-Fi drama 'Heroes' which is the most watched new drama among the 18-49 demo. However NBC new Thursday night of comedies (Earl, The Office, Scrubs, 30 Rock) will only be good among the Cult TV fold, and for now NBC should accept that. Its competitive but still CBS and ABC dominate most of those hours. CBS has Survivor and CSI, while ABC has the Dramaties 'Ugly Betty,' and Grey.

FOX has been hurting. Most of its freshmen dramas were canned and because of that they are hanging on to the sitcom 'Till Death' staring Brad Garret and the drama 'Standoff.' However those shows are doing good either. The only bright spots on FOX right now are 'House,' 'Prison Break,' and its lineup of Adult Cartoons on Sundays. January is on the way and that means 'American Karaoke' and '24.' Hang Tough FOX.

The CW has been stuggling and has drawn few viewers than either The WB or UPN in spite for in improvements among the 18-49 demo which this netlet is targeting. All of its veteran shows including Gillmore Girls, 7th Heaven, Smallville have suffered some drops. Girls is in a world of hurts this year especially with the loss of its guiding lights Amy Sherman-Palladino and her husband Daniel Palladino. Monday was made into a Urban Comedy night just as UPN had it, and even that is not what it was. However it seems that keeping Reba so far has paid off since its the top sitcom on CW. I do predict that Girls, Smallville, and Reba will get a second year on The CW. They are the stronger shows on the lineup 7th Heaven I think right now is on the edge to go either way, and One Tree Hill and Veronica Mars will be canceled after their fourth and fifth seasons respectfuly. I did not say one thing about America's Next Top Model...Well I should say they are the offical strong link in the The CW fold.

Sometime in January I will do a Mid-Season prediction post.


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