Monday, January 29, 2007

Monday Readings

Today's Comments from Neal Boortz

Jeff Jacoby looks at a tax code quirk that is responable for the health care crisis. Employers providing benfits??? Bad ideal, but I am guilty of playing along. However I don't mind this being changed either.

250 militants slain in fight near Najaf. You can't use the words 'Islamic Terrorists.'

Why is the State of North Carolina funding motion pictures to being with????

Donald Lambro warns that a debate in a troop surge is showing weakness and instability. Sadly its Vietnam redux.

Joe Lieberman may back a Republican for President in 2008. The word is 'may' and Lieberman is more concerned about his country more than he is of the Democratic Party. Now you know why the Dems backed Ned Leamont.

Joseph Farah talks about the hit TV series '24' and why people watch the show. Farah also wishes and calls for real world Jack Bauer's.

Michael P. Ackley has thoughts about the Madam Speaker and liberal stooge Bill Moyers.


Blogger Patriot World said...


Regarding Lieberman, I voted for Schlessinger in the election. I'm hoping for forgiveness from Lieberman--he's the ONLY sane active democrat I have any respect for! You're right that Lieberman cares more for this country than anything else.

Any thoughts on the Anti-Americans in Washington defecating on this country and wanting Islamofascism to take over? And DON'T PULL ANY PUNCHES! You know I don't!

4:28 PM

Blogger Don McCullen said...

What can I say Bob????

The Anti-Americans you are talking about are calling for America's defeat.

They can protest all they want which is their right. However we also point out what they are doing too.

7:20 AM


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