Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Wednesday Readings

The Complete State of the Union Address.

Democrat Jim Webb presents the counterresponce.

Joseph Farah says Bush sounded like Hillary. Does not sound good.

Neal Boortz notes that there is lack of the words Freedom, Security, Republic (not used at all), and the I word (as with Republic not used at all), in the SOTU address.

Lawrence Kudlow on the other hand says Bush's speech was successful...Economic Wise.

Hugh Hewitt take on the SOTU address Iraq War Wise. Got the fight the left on this one, they want us to Lose. Only way for Socialism to win and defeat Bush.

Walter Willams talks about the treatment towards those who question Global Warming. Remember that GW issues are being used to enact Socialist Policies.

Michelle Malkin warns that President Bush's guest worker program will be disastrous.

Henry Lamb sounds the alarm on the agriculture bureaucrats. They are very sneaky on how they want to get people on their data base.

John Stossel reminds us of Milton Frideman day which is this comming Monday. The cause for Liberty lost a hero...Lets fight to keep his ideals alive and well cause the Socialists sure won't. Their guy is Karl Marx.

Johnny McCain is going after Chenney and Rummy. The race to the White House has begun.

If you a female teacher having sex with male students...Your OK. For the most part. Click the link with this pargraph to read about these respected cases.

Several Republican Congressmen have signed off a request to the Justice Department to force the Hamburgler to take a Lie Detector test. So far it has yet to happen...Its Good to be a Democrat and Clinton Lackey...and that is what the Hamburgler is.


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