Friday, February 09, 2007

Friday Readings

Today's Comments from Neal Boortz

Walter Williams for President? I'd back him but does he want the job???

Will people ever understand about Taxing Profits = Taxing People??? We need to keep telling them that and Lawrence Kudlow does a good job with the above link.

Mort Kondracke says the issue facing us in 2008 is 'Income Insecurity.' Will either the GOP or the Dems see that??? I doubt it.

Charles Krauthammer looks at the current situation in Iraq.

Rudolph Giuliani a Rockerfeller GOP guy. Mona Charen says he is not and he is neither a Liberal Republican either. The Gun issue could be a red flag however.

The Anti-Vietnam crowd wants you to believe that they never really mocked and spat upon those who were fighting it. Melanie Morgan calls their bluff.

David Limbaugh talks about a recent guest at one of the Winter meetings at the Democratic party. A Muslim to have known terrorist ties. Did you vote Democrat or Democratic since they like to use the latter a lot. Boy don't you have egg on your face.

Kevin McCullough has simller thoughts related to Limbaugh's piece.

Unions are truly on the way out the Democrats are making sure that never happens since they are a Cash Cow to the Democratic Party. Linda Chavez shows what the Unions and Dems are up too in forcing working into their Union Cult.

A Colorado State Legslestor is trying to change the way Colorado Electoral College Votes on Presidents. I am linking this piece that Mike Rosen did just to prove how the Dems will do everything they can to get themselves elected and forever stay in power including the Oval Office. This party is filled with Gangstas. These ideals will spead nationwide if we don't expose it and put a stop to it.

I will keep warning you people about empowering socialists. Look at what Castro's Mini-Me is doing now...Hugo Chavez that is.


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