Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Tuesday Readings

Today's Comments from Neal Boortz. Must read comments about Hillary taking on ExxonMobile, the Anti-War resolution, Rudy Giuliani in the race, and more.

Hillary's recent speech.

If you can think things over...Read this piece from George Will regarding the Global Warming Properganda.

Time to 'Meat The Press' once again. Thomas Sowell points out in a recent story by The Gray Lady that woman as young as 16 and widows were included in a survey just to prove that half of America's woman were not married.

Five years ago, Victor Davis Hanson wrote about Cally and the Mexican Invasion taking place their. Hanson now follows up on this and its getting bad in Mexifornia.

Speaking of Illegals; Cal Thomas takes on politicians who sell us out in their 'race to the bottom.'

Two pieces from Joseph Farah

This piece he talks about the death of conservatism and the Socialists gaining their foothold on our nation.

This one is about good ole Hillary.

David Limbaugh's thoughts on the current poltical climate. Both parties are running bland and the hope for the GOP to take back Congress and keep the White House don't look good at the moment. However the Dems are under increased scrutiny.


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