Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Wednesday Readings

Today's Comments from Neal Boortz

Ben Shapiro tries to make sense of the media's love affair with Barack Obama.

Anonymous sources can be a good thing if it hurts Bush and his Air Guard record but what about Barack Obama and his childhood??? Michelle Malkin talks about it.

Any commentary regarding Private Rights and eminent domain abuse needs to be read. Unless they go off base. However when Walter Williams uses the term Government Thieves; that is right on target and mostly what Williams's writes is.

Joseph Farah does a follow up piece regarding his daughter being forced to watch Al Gore's movie in a Art Class He shows us 12 of the 20 test questions that her professor presented to her and the entire class. 'Youthful Idiots' in the making and good to see Daddy exposing this for all of us to see.

It takes $3 Million Dollars to plug the holes between the United States and Mexico. That would be money well spent I think.

Michael Medved says the Republicans could learn some lessons about Victory from Ronald Reagan.

Libertarian thoughts now from John Stossel who says the raids on medical marijuana is not how our system was to work as envisioned by our Founding Fathers. This War on Drugs really must seize.

I really don't like the term 3rd Way...becuase it misleads people towards the leftist posistion anyway. Tony Blankley says their is no 3rd Way regarding Iraq either.

Terence Jeffery asks if Iran is winning in Iraq.

Speaking of Iran, Newt Gingrich warns of the possibity of Iran going nuclear, and the possiblity of nukes going off in our borders. Yes it can happen and will NOT scripted as it was in this season of the hit TV show '24.'

Go on you leftys...Dream about your Socialist Utopia.

10 Years left of save the Planet. We heard this before but the underlying message remains the same. Embrace Socialism.

Mike Adams lits his reasons but leaving the United Methodist Church for a Baptist Church. Believe me he has very good reasons...and this is only the first part.


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