Friday, February 02, 2007

Friday Readings

Barney Frank has proposed a bill that would cap a CEO's pay. I am sure a lot of working people would love that...'Sticking it to The Man.' As Mike Rosen points out however that the role of Government is not to demtermine how much someone gets paid, and compares those evil CEO's to some well known high paid personalities.

Neal Boortz talks about the Global Warming debate, American taking terrorism seriously, and the Federal Minimum Wage bill.

Fear the Anti-War Left??? You Better as David Limbaugh warns us not to underestamate them and high possibly that one of those people could win the Oval Office.

Hal Lindsey talks about Hugo Chavez's new dictoral powers and says Chavez has one great weapon that Castro did not have...OIL!!!

Melanie Morgan goes after Weather Channel's Heidi Cullen and Global Warming stance that she and the network have taken.

Kevin McCullough gives us a possible future in which America does indeed get nuked. All Because the anti-war left can't see the evil that the Islamo-Facists really are.

Leftist Molly Ivins recently died of cancer but before she passed away she wrote uging people speak out aganist the surge. She gets the nod for the token lefty piece since this one is her last. At least she will not have worry about nukes should that day come...and IT WILL!!!

Mike Gallagher says the Democrats have a double standard on race. Gallagher says that Joe Biden is a northen yuppie northen elite Democrat who come out as a winner a spite of having put his foot in his mouth. Lets not forget Robert 'KKK' Byrd either.

Be forgiven...Become a Democrat.

Charles Krauthammer talks about the fight in Najaf and says the question regarding who is responable for the killing is a hard one to answer.


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