Saturday, February 10, 2007

Saturday Readings

Star Parker has two ideals that Barack Obama could embrace to help the Black Community. I doubt he will embrace them Miss Parker but speak on. Obama is a Democratic Socialist all the way...Don't Get Fooled!!!

Henry Lamb has written many great pieces about Global Socialism. This is a great piece on how the Democratic Party emulates Hugo Chavez aka Castro's Mini-Me. Better keep these Gangstas in check or you will forever be working for THEM!!! We already are but you know what I mean.

There is some hope in Cuba as moderates gaining power.

Walter Crankenhouse is crying that media profits threaten freedom. All this from a man who helped us lose the Vietnam War. You still don't believe me...The Vietcong would admit it that he and other Media Elites did help. Yet they want their friends in the Democratic Party see us in the new media disappear. At least many of these companies admit that they have to make money in spite of having lefty news operations.

Secretary Robert Gates says there is proof that Iran is helping terrorists in Iraq. Let us cut and run anyway or so says the Social Democrats.

Careful Wal-Mart when you sleep with those that want Socialism. They want to hang you on your own rope.


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