Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Tonight's Recommended Readings from The Blog According to Don

Finally some readings.

End Amtrak. It is about time, but leftys love anything that expands BB even if Nixon gave us Amtrak.

Joseph Farah calls on the Boy Scouts to fight back and not fallback when it comes to the ACLU

Daniel Pipes says to give full rights to muslims but NOT special rights. MUST READ!!!

No surprise Cuba wants U.S. out of the UN human right panel.

Kiss judical review goodbye??? You bet and Ben Shapiro chimes in about it.

The Labor Unions now more than ever are going for broke when it comes to empowering the Dems. Linda Chavez explains why that will kill the Unions in the end.

Cats and DDT. Jonah Goldberg talks about both of them.

Paul Greenberg respects the leftys that are honest with us.

What do the numbers says about Social Securty. Numbers don't lie while the left and the right do.

Token Lefty Piece is about ANWAR: Piece by Joel Connelly

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