Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Does the Left Get a Taste of their medicine?

Well with left screaming about not getting their fair share on AFN via their new savior of the Left Wing cause Ed Schultz (aka Darth Fargo), the left may finally know how those on the right and those who believe in limited goverment feel about the left leaning spin on many programs featured on the Semi-State networks PBS and NPR.


One thing I have always said about the left. They want to be heard and they want the ONLY VOICE to be heard. They scream when the tax money only goes for right-wing properganda on AFN yet they never talk about NPR being part of the mix. Not left wing enough for ya...oh yea from what I have heard that just might be the case.

Darth Fargo however speaks on behalf of the Democrats and tries to prove that they are such caring Americans who are just missunderstood just because the right-wing noise machine "lies" about them. Lets face facts leftys, you hate Bush, you hate this war, and just because you want to give the troops benefits does not mean you support our milltary. Your support for the milltary is very poor and I don't have to tell you how Clinton gutted the milltary budget, and likely allowed this War On Terror. There is more to supporting our milltary than advocating wealth redistribution or cutting and running. For the record a milltary is a role that should that goverment should be involved with, along with building and improving roads.

Yet the left is mute when we raise concerns about the leftist slant on many PBS and NPR programs. Yep, you got to love the left. Forget the GOP and rightys trashing Progressives...your doing it to yourself's. Your actions speak louder than your sugar codded words.

Just remember that Progressive is nothing but a euphuism. What Progressive means is progress on the road to a Socialist Goverment. What Progressive means is more embolded goverment taking over elements of our daily lifes. What Progressive means is goverment taking over education, health care, and the oil companies. What Progressive means is trying to "reason" with tryants who set on distorying us. Besides the "progressive" love many these tryants just because they have achived (or so they think) socialist utopias.



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