Friday, January 20, 2006

Some TV Disusssion now

Well it appears that Commander In Chief aka Madam President starting Genna Davis is starting to lose its charm.

Could it be somebody named Steven Bochco?

Granted Bochco did very well with edgey cop shows like Hill Street Blues (not nesscary a big ratings getter but it lasted about six seasons), and NYPD Blue, but even he had a few failures. Remember Cop Rock anyone???

Are people finally seeing this show as a prop up for Hillary Clinton??? Even Geena Davis who plays The President of the United States on TV would love Hillary in the White House. A Condi or a Lara or ANY Republican Female Prez and they would pitch a fit or flat out just don't care.

As for Commander In Chief it benfited from a Family themed Amazing Race which was not as good as prvious series. However My Name is Earl did give it a run for the money. With American Karoke back on the air again expect House to top CIC big time. Also Amazing Race goes back to its old format of teams of two rather than a team of four, and that means more time outside the United States than inside as the was family series.

Liberal Hollywood??? If you think their voting Democrat because they feel guilty about those who did not make it in that town....THINK AGAIN!!!! I can't see those idiots feels sorry for those who did not make it.

Story about the ratings crisis of Commander In Chief


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