Sunday, January 01, 2006

TV Mid-Season Predictions


No big changes. Everything that is not broke will not be fixed.


FOX will be giving the other networks a run for the money once again, allthough I believe "Skating with Celeb's" will bomb. When Prison Break returns, that and 24 will be the one two punch. CBS should overall win the night with its lineup of sitcoms and CSI: Miami. That new show with Jennea Elferman (however you spell her name) is a show to watch to see if that can make the cut. ABC now has its work cut out for them. No more Monday Night Football, they now need a good lineup. How long will that take? Who knows and I don't see it yet.


When American Karaoke returns it will be top ten AGAIN!!! and FOX will be happy once again. Everyone else stand clear. The first part however their is not Karaoke, just a lot of rotten singers that should not be their. :) ABC should contuine to do well with Maddam President and Boston Legal, allthough the former has been slipping as of late.


ABC's Lost should hang tough with American Karaoke's ensemble number and elemnation show (when it gets to that point). That and CBS's Criminal Minds and CSI: NY


Watch NBC to see if they can pull off a "Must See TV" comeback. They are counting on Will & Grace's creators to make Thursdays for NBC a Must See night. However I think Earl should be the one to compeate aganist Survivor and not Will & Grace. W&G will get its loyal viewers who stuck with the show but will they get into this "Four Kings?" Even if they do, I think in the long run it should be Earl that anchors Thursday nights. CBS still wins the night overall. OC will be in danger of being canceled, if not Stacked. 70's has passed the "Threshold" so that can be reran and sold on DVD forever.


CBS should continue to grow with its dealing with family life Crime Dramas (Close To Home, Numb3rs). Ghost Wisperer does not do as well in reruns, we shall see if the numbers go up when we get the first run in soon. NBC's "Book of Daniel" will flop cause so far any show or movie that is all about mocking people of faith does not attract an audience even if the reviews love these kind of shows and they do big time.


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