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USA Today's 2006 Save Our Shows Survey

Well its become a traditional piece and project at USA Today regarding those shows that the networks have not decided to renew just yet, and what the viewers tell them to renew in hopes they will do. This feature also tells you which shows have gotten a renewal for next season and which ones are going to be put to rest. Before I link the story here is rundown for each network. Also for the shows that have gotten canceled, I will point out how long those shows ran cause some were on for quite awhile. One more thing, this survey ONLY deals with "scripted shows" (sitcoms and dramas) and does not highlight the newsmagazines, game and/or reality shows. With that I shall start with...


Renewed or Soon Will Be

According to Jim

Boston Legal

Desperate Housewives (I am a guy and I would rather watch the Bell Daytime dramas on CBS over this anytime. Oh for those who don't get, it Y&R and B&B. Still don't get it, please vist CBS's website)

George Lopez (Not a big numbers getter, but hey he is survivor in many ways. Not to mechion he stars in the very few sitcoms that have hispanics in the core cast. Remember "Que Pasa U.S.A?" which aired on many public television stations back in the late 1970's anyone?)

Grey's Anatomy (Would love to find a woman to make love with. Don't need to watch a series about the sex lifes of Medical Interns. I have to admit the Post Super Bowl have allowed this show to overtake the Housewives overall ratings wise)

Lost ('Bad Robot's' best show yet...Speaking of Bad Robot we move now to the first show of...)

ABC shows Canceled

Alias: 5 Seasons, 105 Total Episodes (Hope the fans come support the show's final episodes. They need to if they want to see this cult hit wrap up.)

Crumbs: 8 total Episodes

Emily's Reasons Why Not: 6 Episodes produced but only 1 aired

Hot Properties: 13 Episodes

In Justice: 13 Episodes

Jake in Progress: 2 Seasons, 20 total Episodes, 14 aired

Less than Perfect: 4 Seasons, Apox 81 Episodes

Night Stalker: 10 Total Episodes, 6 aired and all Episodes can be downloaded via iTunes (It was a good show. Not great but not bad either.)

Rodney: 2 Seasons, Apox 37 Episodes

ABC Shows on the Bubble

Commander in Chief


Hope & Faith


Sons & Daughters

The Evidence



Renewed or Soon Will Be


CSI: Miami


Cold Case

Criminal Minds

Ghost Whisperer

How I Met Your Mother


The New Adventures of Old Christine


The Unit

Two and a Half Men

Without a Trace

CBS Shows Canceled

Courting Alex: 13 Episodes were ordered, 10 were produced but only 8 aired (Well I hate CBS when it comes to sitcoms anyway and that includes Old Christine)

Love Monkey: 8 Episodes Produced, 3 were aired (Note: The monkeys at USA Today missed/omitted this cancelation from the list. Hope they take note of it for the correction/mistake box)

Still Standing: 4 Seasons, 86 Episodes (Looks like Renee Olstead can focus more on her singing carrer. She was just in the adults shadow anyway. I will not miss this show)

Threshold: 13 Episodes, 9 aired (I am still in withdrawal over this series)

Yes, Dear: 6 Seasons, 122 Episodes (Good Bye and Good Ridance)

CBS Shows On The Bubble

Close To Home (Not really into this show but man Jennifer Finnigan is a hottie. She deserves another chance.)

Out of Practice

The King of Queens (Note: Kevin James wants a little more money. If he gets it this show will go into a 9th season)



Renewed or Soon Will Be

Crossing Jordan


Las Vegas

Law & Order

L&O: Criminal Intent



My Name Is Earl

The Office

NBC Shows Canceled

E-Ring: 14 Episodes aired

Four Kings: 13 Episodes Produced, 7 aired

Inconceivable: 2 Episodes aired

Joey: 2 Seasons, 45 Total Episodes, 37 Episodes went to air (Note: The first episode of the second season of this show was beat by the Premiere of "Everybody Hates Chris" on UPN. That is scary if your NBC)

Surface: 15 Total Episodes (The worst of the alien invasion shows that aired this season. Good riddance and to quote TV Guide of the 2005 Fall Preview regarding this show; "Glug, Glug, Glug." It took some time but it got their. Now I have one question. Deal...or No Deal? Ooops can't do game shows. The TV elites hate that. Lets move on)

The Book of Daniel: 7 Episodes were Produced, 3 or 4 episodes were aired (Again the Question is Deal...or No Deal? Note to the TV Elites; Most people would rather face that question that watch a show that mocks religious faith. The track record for this kind of entertainment is poor at best)

The West Wing: 7 Seasons, 155 Total Episodes (Also known as "The LEFT Wing" what we rightys like to call it, cause it is.)

Will & Grace: 8 Seasons, Apx 190 Episodes have aired

NBC Shows On The Bubble



Scrubs (Note: Might move to ABC since its produced by its sister production company Touchstone)




Renewed or Soon Will Be


American Dad


Family Guy


King of the Hill

Prison Break

The OC

The Simpsons

The War at Home

FOX Shows Canceled

Arrested Development: 3 Seasons, 53 Total Episodes

Head Cases: 6 Episodes produced, 2 aired

Killer Instinct: Apox 13 Episodes Produced, but 9 aired

Kitchen Confidential: 12 Episodes

Malcom in the Middle: 7 Seasons, 151 Total Episodes

Reunion: 22 Episodes Intended to be produced, 13 Episodes Accually Produced, 9 went to air

Stacked: 2 Seasons, 18 Total Episodes

That 70's Show: 8 Seasons, 200 Total Episodes

FOX Shows On The Bubble

Bernie Mac

Free Ride

The Loop


The CW (WB, UPN)

Shows that are or very likely will carry over to The CW

All of Us

Everybody Hates Chris

Gilmore Girls




WWE Smackdown

WB and UPN Shows Canceled

7th Heaven: 10 Seasons, 221 Total Episodes

Charmed: 8 Seasons, 178 Total Episodes

Cuts: 2 Seasons, 25 Episodes at least went to air

Eve: 3 Seasons, 66 Episodes

Just Legal: 3 Episodes aired

Living with Fran: 2 Seasons, Apox 17 Episodes

Love Inc: One Full Season, 23 Total Episodes

Related: 19 Episodes Produced 18 Aired

Sex, Love, & Secrets: 13 Episodes Ordered, 8 Episodes Produced, 4 Went to Air

South Beach: 8 Episodes

Twins: 10 Episodes

What I Like About You: 4 Seasons, 86 Total Episodes

WB and UPN Shows On The Bubble Regarding the move to The CW


Half and Half

One on One

One Tree Hill


Veronica Mars


In a upcomning post I will predict what Bubble shows get renewals.

For now Click here and let your voice be heard regarding the Bubble Shows that you want to see saved.


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