Monday, July 31, 2006

Monday Readings

Burt Prelutsky takes on the leftist media

Must Read Comments from Neal Boortz today.

The Democrats always want to be known as the modern day Robin Hood. Paul Jacob says they are not and shows proff when it comes Private Property Rights and Elections.

Jeff Jacoby reminds us that Hezbollah is also our enemy.

Gray Lady does not endorse Liberman. The Media is trying to pull enough other Vietnam, amd make us lose.

Dick Morris says is very possible for the Dems to take back the Federal Government

Cease-Fire Talk...Jack Kelly calls it nonsense.

Here is GOOD NEWS about the War on Terror. Here is Michael Barone. One of a handful of place to get this news, since the Socialist Media fails to do so.

Speaking of the Socialist Media. Katie Cookie Cutter gets away with delay a plane so that her producer could board. If you and I did that there would be a Jail Cell waiting for us, but since she is part of the Media Elite...

Most Roads regarding to the War on Terror lead to Iran. That is what Harry Kissinger is saying and the media is not seeing this.

Find it diffciult to fight the left in Higher Learning??? Mike Adams shows you how to do it and keep at it.


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